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Big Data Analytics

Big Data analysis is a very complex process of analyzing large and variable data sets. Big Data analysis used to uncover valuable information such as novel links, market trends, hidden patterns and customer preferences.


Using big data analysis companies and organizations can make better decisions regarding their plans.

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comprehensive and efficient

At Parkway Data, we offer a comprehensive and efficient Big Data analytic service. The bleeding-edge technology utilized to assist clients in extracting beneficial and actionable insights from large scale and diverse data. 


We aim to consolidate disperse and massive volume of untapped data assets data into a more usable and organized form. The modern set of technologies, along with complex algorithms, are used to deliver an extensive collection of tools for storing, processing, and analyzing large quantities of data. It will further help our worthy clients to articulate modelling and predict new marketing opportunities in the longer run.  


The in-house pool of talent at Parkway Data knows how to formulate proper strategy and then further implement it to dig out Big Data solutions. The core team of Parkway Data is focused on engineering advanced technologies to resolve data-intensive challenges.

Why choosing Parkway Data for Big Data Analysis



With years of industry experience, we rapidly evaluate the data and ensure quick piloting



We aim to provide money saving solutions on IT infrastructure


Enhanced Quality

We utilize robust infrastructure, skilled resources and solution accelerator to help convert big data into revenue-building opportunities

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence services are used to provide current, previous and future views regarding business operations. It is done using data gathered in a data warehouse or a data mart and sometimes on the data that is in active use.

business growth till infinity

The Parkway Data through Business Intelligence service helps you to expand the horizon of your business growth till infinity. Using business analytics system, we pave the way for you to enter into Data-driven world. We extract profitable and actionable insights from the collected data and consolidate into more valuable information.


The business intelligence solution is necessary for every single corporation, no matter small or a big firm. It helps them to make more informed and wise choices for the better growth of the business. Even the small firms who cannot accumulate voluminous data from the covered and untapped resources can get benefit from this intuitive data analysis.

Our products

Data Warehouse of Parkway Data

At Parkway data, we believe that data warehouse is a significant part of Business Intelligence. In Data Processing environment, the data warehouse is directly responsible for data integration, data management and data functioning. We aim for better quality integration and harmonization of data that leads to more reliable and insightful data analysis.

Data Reporting

The insightful analytics lose its significance if you lack in reporting it appropriately. The Data analytics specializers at our firm design user friendly and visualized Business Intelligence dashboards and reports. It ensures the efficient sharing of the most essential and critical information.

Machine Learning

The Machine Learning is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It makes the system capable of learning trend from the collected data. Along with that, it efficiently gets improved with the passage of time without any manual programming. The algorithms of Machine Learning automatically generates and redefines rules on par with data analysis. Besides, it further directs the computer to respond as per those rules.


The Parkway Data leverages the most sophisticated machine learning techniques to explore the hidden domain of business models. We train and deploy the machine learning models for maximum business growth. It is used to provide better solutions for business so that they keep ahead of their competitors.

Salient features of Machine Learning Service

We offer Machine Learning services in different domains including image analysis & tagging, text analysis, sentiment analysis, information extraction & filtering, anomaly detection and predictions.

Detects critical objects in a diverse atmosphere

Increases work efficiency

Target users with more customized content and services

Our products

Predict and perceive issues along with maintenance

End to end encryption security

Consolidate gathered data from various sensors

Detects critical
objects in a diverse atmosphere

work efficiency

Target users with more customized content and services

Our products

Predict and perceive issues along with maintenance

End to end encryption security

Consolidate gathered data from various sensors

Applications of Machine Learning at Parkway Data

The machine learning is utilized in a different way. The aim is to provide ultimate convenience while maximizing the efficiency of the business model. The salient domains which leverage the most advance Machine Learning include the following.


It helps in improving sales forecasting, transactional operations, personalized primary campaigns and returning customers’ alert

Human Resource

It helps the HR department to attract relevant talent, track and evaluate applications


Leverages Machine Learning to operate financial operations including fraud detection, portfolio and insurance management

The Parkway Data utilizes its immense expertise in Machine Learning and helps ventures explore the covered reserves of untapped data and make informed decisions from them.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing service uses the internet and online based digital technologies to promote products and services. Digital marketing offers targeted advertising that reflect the consumers specific traits, interests, and shopping behavior.

Building Relations With Marketers

At Parkway Data, we offer comprehensive and productive digital marketing services, finding you the right platforms to advertise your products. Take advantage of our deep relations with the leading publishers and platforms. We aim at enhancing partnerships with the right marketers to generate higher returns on investment for clients.

What To Expect With Digital Marketing

Our thorough and effective digital marketing services cover many aspects of promoting your business.
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A Host Of Platforms

Depending on your business model, and the kind of product or service you offer, we design digital marketing campaigns across a range of platforms:

And more!

Promote Your Business With Parkway Data

Parkway Data uses its network of best publishers and platforms and proficiency in affiliate marketing campaigns to promote your products, services, and brand name online.